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Missing MDRF

The Maryland Renaissance Festival has been an annual tradition in my life for about 30 years now. I started visiting when my family would take me as a kid not too long after the Festival move to Crownsville. If you haven’t been, the English village of Revel Grove is a magical place with many permanent shops and stages spread over a vast 27-acre forest. It's a living story. They’ve weathered mud, hurricanes, and even opened the weekend following 9/11. This season though, the pandemic has forced them to close until August 2021. If you, like me, visit the Renaissance Festival frequently, or even if you only go on occasion, I’m sure you miss the sights, sounds, smells, and people as much as I do. This year, since we cannot visit Revel Grove, maybe Never Say Dice can bring a piece of the story to you at home. I’ve spent the past few weeks interviewing various shops, performers and workers from the Festival. I’ll be sharing their thoughts with you, and give you the opportunity to support

Strange Things are Afoot at NSD

We'll cut to the chase - as (dare I say) nerdy kids in the late 80s and early 90s, how could we not have seen the Bill & Ted movies? So, as the release of Bill & Ted Face the Music approaches, we've re-watched the original films and dove a bit into the alternate media adventures of our two favorite time-travelling San Dimans .   Bugsy : What were your thoughts on the on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure this time around the Time Circuits? I was amazed at how nearly every line has been burned into my head, even though I haven't seen it nearly as many times as most movies I can recite from memory - it's just that quotable. Andy : Between Marty McFly, Doctor Who, the Terminator, Captain Kirk, and our heroes of today Bill &Ted (as well as many many others), time travel was a big thing in that era. Indeed, we all know the boys and the girls were doing it. Aside from Back to the Future ,  Bill & Ted was probably my favorite time-travel franchise. Surpr

[Backstory Redacted] - Getting Ready to Run Paranoia

Greetings, Citizens! For scheduling reasons Due to Commie sabotage, the benevolent and exceptionally well-prepared individuals in charge of Never Say Dice have chosen to follow up the recent Paranoia post with another, this time about what you need to do before the game. Readers unfamiliar with Paranoia should take this opportunity to educate themselves before their ignorance is discovered and punished, and any readers uninterested in Paranoia should join the line for the nearest Termination Booth forming here . Please fill out the Citizen Satisfaction Survey before stepping into the booth. Have a pleasant daycycle! When we last spoke, I had covered the setting and talked a little about my first (successful) Paranoia session, but closed without sharing the lessons I had learned from my years of running the game. Players: Welcome to Alpha Complex, Six Death Minimum I must admit to having a certain advantage in my pool of available players that other Gamemasters might not: I live in

Men and Magic

On an expedition through my attic the other day, searching for something completely different, I came across a treasure. It was Dungeons and Dragons, Supplement 1: Greyhawk (9th printing). What delights might this wondrous pamphlet of a book hold? Certainly, the rules have changed and evolved over the years from 1st Edition to the 5th. We’ve seen the fall of THAC0, wandered the strange road that is 4th Edition, and seen the  3rd turn into 3.5. Can we still pull nuggets of wisdom from an ancestor of the games we love? Absolutely! The following are some thoughts I had while leafing through this 68-page tome of (nearly) forgotten lore. In this post, we’ll stick to the "Men & Magic" section and leave the sections for "Monsters & Treasure" and "Underworld & Wilderness Adventures" to a future post. For the Intelligence stat, they’ve included a "% Chance to Know a Given Spell" chart along with the minimum and maximum number of spells a wiza