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MDRF - In Closing

You can refer to it as the Pandemic Season, the Lost Season, or the Grass-Growing Season, but whatever you call it, we can all agree that the Maryland Renaissance Festival's absence is felt deeply. This would have been the closing weekend for this year's Festival and, while even a typical closing weekend would be bittersweet, with last goodbyes for the year shared in a mix of Halloween and Renaissance garb, it's bittersweet in a different way this year. Robbed of a real Festival, we’ve made do with digital ones and other related projects, and while these projects may continue (and so may the pandemic) only time will tell the full tale. Since we wanted to do something for the community and bring a bit of the living story to our readers, Never Say Dice reached out to a variety of workers, performers and vendors. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our previous interviews Missing MDRF (with Kim Alexander - Author at Page After Page, and Louie of The London Broil Juggling Show) and M

Missing MD Arrrrrr F: Talking Like a Pirate with the Pyrates Royale and Goodly Woods

Just about a month ago, the Maryland Renaissance Festival would have opened for yet another season. You may have caught my previous post Missing MDRF where I talked to Kim Alexander (Author at Page after Page) and Louie of The London Broil Juggling Show. In Maryland, we’re slowly creeping towards fall, and it just doesn’t seem the same without the Renaissance Festival. With the pandemic still a pervasive problem, the magical living story of Revel Grove will have to wait for another year. Most of my time in recent years has been spent watching my own wee bairns down at the pirate play-yard deep into the forest, but I would love to be there nonetheless. If you are missing it as much as I am, you might still have a small taste of it. For what is known to many as Talk Like a Pirate Day!, I’ve interviewed a few more folks you might want to hear from. So, grab yourself a good drink (possibly in a wooden drinking vessel) and read through these interviews with: Joe of Goodly Woods and the (fa

Missing MDRF

The Maryland Renaissance Festival has been an annual tradition in my life for about 30 years now. I started visiting when my family would take me as a kid not too long after the Festival move to Crownsville. If you haven’t been, the English village of Revel Grove is a magical place with many permanent shops and stages spread over a vast 27-acre forest. It's a living story. They’ve weathered mud, hurricanes, and even opened the weekend following 9/11. This season though, the pandemic has forced them to close until August 2021. If you, like me, visit the Renaissance Festival frequently, or even if you only go on occasion, I’m sure you miss the sights, sounds, smells, and people as much as I do. This year, since we cannot visit Revel Grove, maybe Never Say Dice can bring a piece of the story to you at home. I’ve spent the past few weeks interviewing various shops, performers and workers from the Festival. I’ll be sharing their thoughts with you, and give you the opportunity to support